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About Us

World Voices Uganda (WVU) is a locally founded NGO that was conceived to respond to human rights violations, lack of access to justice by the poor, alarming poverty, poor health, rampant corruption and ethnic conflicts that were eating the moral and socio-political fabric of society in Uganda.

  Foundation History
Founded on March 23rd, 2004 and commencing its active operations in 2005, WVU has developed potential capacity and recognition in the promotion of Human rights, good governance and accountability, social research and Peace building and conflict resolution and management.  It was founded by two young men one Benda Gard Ntegyereize a young Ugandan Journalist and Rune H. Espeland a young Norwegian Anthropologist following the damning findings of their two research projects. The research projects were “The status of child labour and its impact on children rights in Kibaale district by Ntegyereize Gard Benda” and “When Neighbours Become Killers: Ethnic Conflict and Communal Violence in Western Uganda by Rune Espeland”.  The findings of the two researches provided a motivation ground for action and thence initiation of WVU.
Legal Status and operation area
WVU is mandated to operate country wide. World Voices Uganda is reserved with the Registrar of companies under the ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and is dully registered with the National NGO Registration Board of Uganda under the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Reg No. S5914/5811

An empowered citizenry, participating and involved in influencing integrated community development.

To create a forum for advocacy, guidance and build the capacity of the community to unleash their potential in expediting strategic alternatives for peaceful co-existence, promotion and protection of the Human rights and freedoms, skills development, good governance, monitoring public resources, and access to justice by the poor and indigent people and just society.

i)   To promote access to justice and human rights observance
ii) To enhance peaceful co-existence through social events and Alternative conflict resolution and management mechanisms
iii) To promote self reliance, identify, nurture and develop talents and skills of young people for integrated development.
iv)  To Promote Good governance and fight Corruption in Uganda
v)  To promote advocacy and policy engagements and accountability.
vi) To promote health and fight against HIV/AIDS and other related illnesses
vii) To undertake social research, document, disseminate and share information on public resource affairs
viii) To promote gender and women empowerment and advocate for vulnerable groups like the PWDS, the elderly, HIV/AIDS victims and OVC to realize their full potential.

Target beneficiaries
Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), indigent persons, youth, widows, PWDs, women, victims of Human Rights abuse, prisoners and criminal suspects, CSOs, local leaders, and law enforcement officials like police, prisons, state prosecutors and policy makers.


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