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The Mwananchi are the ordinary citizens

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February 4th, 2011
Mwananchi find their voice in Bataka Courts
BY Gard Benda Ntegyereize- World Voices- Uganda
The Mwananchi who had lost the last bit of hope of justice in the formal justice system can now breath a moment of smile after they found a voice in the Bataka Court justice system as assured by Mrs Jahali Nyampazi-Chairperson Kentomi Bataka Court & Kesande Hope a rescued victim of domestic violence .
 When i was selected by the community members to be one of the Bataka court penal of elders i was worried and had doubts as to whether the Bataka Court would be embraced since it was viewed as an outdated system and despised by the politicians and some civil servants. The community members themselves seemed not have confidence to act as a temple of justicee; however, momentum started picking when the Mwananchi project was launched officially and all of us were inaugurated amidst a mammoth gathering of   Mwananchi at the Buyaga West County Headquarters at Ruteete Trading Centre; Mrs Jahaali Nyampazi the Chairperson of the Kentomi Bataka Court narrates her experience We were very humbled because we were stunned by the overwhelming number of people who turned up to witness the launch of the project. It was really interesting for it attracted all categories of leaders, technocrats, councillors, and service providers.
image_testimonies After undergoing training on how to dispense justice, we are very anxious to commence work. Right now were very proud of the work we are doing.

We have become a saviour for scores of vulnerable people who have been victims of injustice. We have so far handled 44 cases and referred 6 cases to the Local Council 1 court, police and WVU’ legal officer. We are grateful to World Voices Uganda for initiating this approach for it is assisting many people. Those people who used to go to police and LC1 no longer go because they see us more helpful .All those women and men with issues such as  domestic violence, civil conflicts find Bataka Court the ideal place to voice  out and access justice; one of these are Kesande Hope who has been saved from the gallows of death after escaping from husband who frequently threatened to kill her under the dumb watch deaf ears of LCs and police .
Oval Callout: One of the beneficiaries testifying image_testimonies “I was failing the wrath of violence from my husband, every time he returned home he would beat me, harass me, run after me with a machete. He would chase me, every time and again, i nolonger had peace yet i loved to keep in my home, because our children needed my care. I would sleep out in the bush in the fear of being killed. Howver, all this was happening under the watch of our Local council leaders. I had reported several times at the LC1 chairman, even went to police but they would not consider my case because i did not have money for filing the case, i was in total dilemma. I had lost hope and my last hope was to abandon the home and go any where away from home but hope returned when i reported my case to Kentumi Bataka Court who intervened in the matter. Since then the man now treats me with respect, we are now living together in harmony” Kesande narrates her ordeal before the intervention of the Bataka Court. “I want to thank the Bataka Court for giving me a voice and hope” she appreciates.
Meanwhile at the beginning some Local council one leaders had a beef over the way the Bataka courts were being embraced and dominating as their sure facilitation economic base was being sabotaged. However, after some time they cooperated and now most of them have become part of the Mwnanchi and sit with them during the Bataka court sessions. “I want to than k World Voices Uganda and Mwananchi Bataka Court. They have helped me a lot by reducing the number of people who used to sleep at my house. My house was small, i also need privacy but you could find my house full people have come to complain many of whom with minor issues. I could not sleep but now i can sleep and also enjoy my privacy” Mr. Mugisha Benard, Chairman LC1 Ruteete East lamented during the Mid Term Review meeting with Consultant at Kentomi.
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