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Mwananchi Justice Agenda Project (MAJAP )

Mwananchi Justice Agenda Project (MAJAP)
Project Context:

The Mistrust of formal justice system, fear, and intimidation by the court language (barrier), formal procedures and court atmosphere, physical and financial inaccessibility, bureaucracy, escalates the conflicts (penalty not negotiable) characterize the formal justice system, make justice expensive and almost nonexistent. 
To contribute to addressing the foregoing existing Gaps, World Voices Uganda with Funding from DFID-GTF through Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Development Research and Training (DRT) is piloting an innovative community Courts to enhance Justice under a project codenamed Mwnanchi Justice Agenda Project (MAJAP). MAJAP which is undertaking a revised  Informal Approach to enhance Justice through empowering the ordinary citizens to dispense Justice to fellow citizens through the Bataka Courts (community Courts) under the penal of elders selected by the community members to dispense justice and resolve conflicts. It gives them a voice as these Bataka Courts act as Community Justice Inception Centres, they are closer to the problem and are completely free.  Each panel of elders is composed of seven members who act as session facilitators on the particular time as a case is registered for Wananchi to prosecute and judge. It is premised on the experiences of success of informal justice systems before the dominance of the formal justice systems and is hoped to provide appropriate mechanisms for improved service delivery in areas of respect for Human rights, conflict resolution, management of Conflicts and peace building and contribute to poverty eradication. 
MAJAP is one of the 7 innovative governance projects under GTF Mwananchi Uganda Programme whose Goal is to enable Citizens effectively express their views and interests and hold governments to account for their actions - at different levels in the governmental system
Programme Purpose: Increased ability of civil society, media and elected representatives to enable citizens to effectively express their views and hold governments to account for their actions
Thematic focus:   Property Rights, Social Protection & Social Justice



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